To become a member of Kappa Sigma you must first go through Rush. There are two formal Rush periods in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, but open rush is year-round. Feel free to contact a Kappa Sigma at any time!!

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The term “RUSH” is often used as a more appealing substitute to the term New Membership Recruitment. It is important to remember that without new members a fraternity chapter will ultimately fail and dissolve, thus rendering new members the lifeblood of every fraternity. This is the sole reason why Rush is so important to each chapter on campus. Chapters that fare better in the future years are most often those chapters that initiate large numbers of quality men during the course of Rush.

Rush refers to the primary membership recruitment drive that each fraternity participates in over the same one week long period. During Rush fraternities have three nights to show prospective new members what they have to offer. Prospective members have the chance to get to know as many fraternities as desired over Rush, and towards the end of the week they may or may not get a bid from each fraternity. Rush Week usually occurs early during the fall and spring semester.

A bid is the general term to describe a formal invitation to pledge a fraternity. At the end of our Rush Week, for example, prospective members are given bids and if they accept membership, they are pledged into the fraternity.


Belonging to a fraternity offers many advantages. We realize that your first purpose for coming to Columbus State University is to obtain an education. We also realize that a University education encompasses more than academics and that the ability to deal and live with people is a demand that will be made on you for the rest of your life. As a well rounded man you must merge a solid academic background with intellectual and social maturity, and with confidence in yourself to deal with the problems that will face you in later years. Kappa Sigma is a very unique fraternity because we provide an environment that will encourage you to strive for academic excellence, while at the same time discovering new social horizons in a variety of campus settings. Our fraternity is involved in enhancing scholastic achievement, hosting social events, developing men into tomorrow’s leaders, participating in sporting events, and much more. A fraternity gets you involved, which helps you to develop different skills. It also allows you to develop contacts with other students, and a variety of alumni involved in all areas of the business world. People join organizations for different reasons. Most of our members joined Kappa Sigma because they enjoyed the events, liked the people they met, and felt that our chapter had the best to offer them at this important time in their life. You will also become part of a larger network of over 330 chapters and 250,000 members across North America.

Kappa Sigma is “Not for a Day, or an hour, or a college term only…but for Life.” As a brother of Kappa Sigma you will learn to follow The Star and Crescent and know your call to service: A Greater Cause. With the campuses only active alumni chapter, the brothers of the Xi-Iota Chapter remain active members long after graduation from Columbus State University.