KAPPA SIGMA Annual “Shave to Save”
 American Cancer Society

Shave to Save is an annual event held every October at the clock tower on the campus of Columbus State University.  The brothers of the Kappa Sigma fraternity will voluntarily have their heads shaved in order to help raise money for breast cancer research and to support the victims of breast cancer.  This is the largest philanthropy event held on campus in which students, faculty, sororities, and parents are in attendance.  Over the past eleven years, Kappa Sigma has raised over $90,000 towards breast cancer research.

Animal Ark Rescue Center  

Animal Ark is a volunteer based No-Kill rescue group and shelter founded in June of 2011 for the sole purpose of saving the lives of companion animals.  The majority of animals come from the Animal Control Facility in Columbus, Georgia which is a high kill shelter.  Animal Ark rescues the animals that would be killed or suffer unnecessarily if not rescued.  The brothers of Kappa Sigma spend numerous hours every semester volunteering to walk, bathe, and socialize with the animals.  Kappa Sigma also holds an annual Kappa Sigma Golf Tournament every year in the spring to help raise funds for this amazing rescue center.

Feeding the Valley Food Bank

Kappa Sigma volunteers numerous hours every year in September at Feeding the Valley Food Bank: Feeding the Valley is one of eight regional food banks in Georgia and is a member of the Georgia Food Bank Association.  This organization serves as a centralized source for receiving and distributing donated food to those families in need.  The Food Bank distributes an average of more than 600,000 pounds of food on a monthly basis.